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DIY or Agency – Your Two Options For Building a Website

There are two popular choices for building a small business website. Two of these involve doing most of the work yourself, while one involves paying someone else. You can:

  • Build a website using a solution that doesn’t require coding (a web builder).
  • Hire an agency or freelance professional to build the website for you.

There are also two other options which we won’t consider because they’re not feasible for most businesses. The first is to hire a full-time employee to build and run the website for you. We’ve assumed that this isn’t realistic for most businesses. Even if it is, you could spend the same amount on an agency-built website and probably get a better result.

The other option we’re not including is the “hire-a-friend” option. Cousin Billy’s best-mate might say he’s good with WordPress and can do it for just $500, but do you really want to take a chance on the future of your business? Most “I’ll do it cheaply” offers sound too good to be true because they are. If that friend had the expertise to charge more, they would. When you hire someone like this, you’re leaving your business website in the hands of someone unproven and potentially unreliable. We don’t recommend it.

Each of these options require you to invest different levels of resources to achieve your goal:

 Website BuilderAgency
MoneyFREE to build (except your time). And a small monthly fee.$3000-$20,000 (depending on the level of complexity).
Design ExpertiseLowNone
Online Marketing ExpertiseLow-Medium (The right web builder, such as Pedestal, will reduce the amount of expertise needed)Depends on the quality of the agency.

After looking at this table. If you want to choose a website builder, then read our full article on how to choose the right website builder for your industry?

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