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We Help Small Businesses in Australia Thrive

$100m +

Leads Generated

We’ve generated over $100m worth of leads for local businesses around Australia. We look after businesses in 200 industries: from  bathroom renovators to patio builders, and stone benchtop companies to law firms. Every year our lead delivery rates increase and we have a goal of delivering $1b worth of leads to local businesses in the next 2 years.

Over a Decade Delivering Digital Marketing Results for Local Businesses

At Kala Digital, we’ve been working with smart business owners all over Australia for over 10 years, delivering exceptional results with absolute transparency. You don’t have to take our word for it: watch the video and see what our clients have to say here. We don’t just say we can get your business better results from online marketing, we guarantee it.

Our Values

Our shared values reflect our corporate soul. Each value is a tightly held belief
upon which every person acts by choice.

Revere Marketing

Marketing is a high leverage activity allowing any entrepreneur the opportunity to grow their business and increase their market share. We believe in the power of marketing to change the scope of an entrepreneur’s company and goals. We believe in the return on investment marketing provides.

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

We value entrepreneurship. We believe small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we are in awe of the determined action you take every day to help your business thrive.

Play To Win

There is no passion to be found in playing small. We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace. We obsess over our customers, not our competitors. We play to win because we know that when we help you win, we win with you and then it’s cheers all round.

Our Awesome Team

We have an awesome team because we have a strong cultural code. We have fun, we learn and grow and we leave no one behind. It is the operating system that powers our organisation. Our people set us apart. We are unreasonably selective about our peers. Culture is everything to us. It helps us deliver our best work.


Radical Transparency

We pride ourselves on being absolutely transparent in all our dealings from development stage, to website changes, google ads, seo, facebook marketing and reporting.

Create ROI

We spend our time, energy and resources on the highest leverage activities to create a return on investment. Our customers are our ultimate beneficiaries as we create more and more value from their digital marketing activities.


At Kala Digital we believe wholeheartedly in entrepreneurship and its ability to change lives for the better, that’s why we donate to was founded by Mohammed Yousef, on the basis of the Nobel Prize winning concept of microfinancing.

With Kiva we are able to provide loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. We don’t get a return, but get the joy of knowing our money is helping entrepreneurs and local communities around the globe.