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How To Separate Your Local Business From The Competition

One sure-fire method to help seperate your local business from the competition.

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One of the largest challenges when building your local businesses company is how to seperate your your products and services from the competition.

Every business owner wants to avoid what is commonly known as a “race to the bottom”. Ie when your only strategy to win business is competing by lowering the price for your products or services.

As you may be well aware, this scenario is to be avoided like the black plague, to avoid decreasing sales revenue and profit margins. It’s a cardinal sin of marketing, ESPECIALLY being a local business.

Decreasing your price merely shows a lack of creativity and thought behind your strategy. And if you’re in business to win, then you better start to think about strategy if you want your business to thrive.

So how do you effectively seperate your business from the competition? Well we can start off by simply communicating more clearly than your competition.

Here’s a free tip. Your potential customers want to know WHY to choose your business over your competitors. They WANT to trust you. So you better provide them the reasons why.

The fastest method to to seperate yourself from the competition is to use a technique called

“7 Reasons To Choose (Insert Your Business Name Here)”

The following questions will help you succinctly communicate your value proposition.

  1. Fast — Can you do anything faster than your competitors?
  2. Free — What can you offer for free?
  3. Warranty — What kind of warranty or guarantee can you offer?
  4. Quality — What makes your product of superior quality?
  5. Value — How does your business model provide more value?
  6. Easy — How do you make the purchasing process easier for your customers?
  7. Service — How do you serve the clients better and more effectively?

All of these items should be not more than one or two sentences long. And include them inside your website design.

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Once you develop these, you can use them throughout your sales collateral too. Put them in your quoting material. Put them everywhere, so it makes a easier for a potential customer to choose your business over your competitors.

This will help you increase your leads and sales by simplifying your communication to your customers.

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