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The Number One Way To Increase Conversions For Your Local Business

How one small change can increase the leads for your local business by 25%+


Of all the data you receive from your local business internet marketing agency, the most underrated element is your website conversion rate.

Why is this so important? Quite simply, because if you are smart enough to double the conversion rate of your website, you can double the return on investment from your internet marketing.

So let’s get right to it. The quickest, fastest and easiest way to increase conversions on your website is the following:

CHANGE or ADD a CALL TO ACTION to your website.

This may sound incredibly basic, but changing your calls to action can increase your conversions by 15% or more.

A good example of this is the following call to action which a lot of local businesses use:

“FREE QUOTES”. — The reality is, nearly every company offers a free quote! If you are trying to beat your competition, why would you offer the same as them?

If you are trying to effectively separate your business from the competition, I would never use this call to action. It shows a lack of creativity and provides no extra value to your customers.

So how can we reconstruct this call to action to help improve your conversion rate?

Free Quotes Within 24 Hours

Free On-Site Quotes Within 24Hours.

This helps create URGENCY amongst your prospects and subconsciously inspires them to take action sooner. Generally, your customers want their problems solved quickly, so let’s help them make their decision sooner.

There are MANY other variations of calls to actions to use. All you need to do is pick a great one that suits your industry and away you go!

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