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The Most Underutilised Local Internet Marketing Strategy

How you can use perfectly legal cyberstalking to help grow your local business

Cyber Stalking

A little known fact about online marketing is that over 90% of people will leave your website WITHOUT taking action. They won’t fill out the contact form or phone your company to find out more about your services.

Let’s say you’re a Patio Business and one of your potential customer’s types “Patios xxx” into Google, with “xxx” being your local area.

Some of these potential customers will click through to your website (either from a pay per click advertisement or through the organic search results), but then about 80 — 90% of them will LEAVE without contacting your business. This is what the data shows.

What do we know about these customers who have left your website but shown an interest in your product or service?

  • Approximately 54.6% of them are 1–3 months away from making a decision
  • Approximately 89.7% of them on average are 2 weeks to 6 months away from making a decision.

This is an absolutely critical point to understand.

You’ve spent a bucketload of money on pay per click advertising and/or search engine optimisation, and then you’re essentially leaving the entire next 6 months of this customer’s purchasing decision (for approximately 80-90% of them) almost completely to chance.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is not a smart strategy. This is why it is absolutely critical to pick your online marketing strategy carefully.

So what do you do about all these lost opportunities?

How do you keep this prospective customer in your “buying funnel” so they are more likely to choose your business when the time comes to decide whom they are choosing to use?

And this is what leads us to one of the most underutilised elements of online marketing today… Remarketing, or if you prefer “cyberstalking”.

You’re driving home from work one day and you see an ad on the back of a bus-related to patios, which you happen to be in the market for because you are renovating your home. You then turn in another direction and the bus goes away… and you quickly forget the name of the patio company you saw on the back of the bus.

Now Imagine the following… that you are forced to follow the bus the entire 40km home. Do you think you’ll be forgetting the name of that company any time soon? I doubt it. That’s the power of Remarketing, and if your business is in an industry which customers take longer than one day to make a buying decision, it would be a wise idea to utilise this strategy.



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