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Powerful SEO Tools Every Small Business Should Know


Learn More About The Powerful SEO Tools Every Small Business Should Know

Small business owners have proven that knowing the ideal Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools to use can genuinely make a difference in the improvement and success of their business. But with so many options out there, how can one select the proper SEO tools?

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 SEO tools that can come in handy for small businesses: 

1. Google Analytics

Here’s one of the most powerful analytics tool you can install for free. Its primary function is to help you create a report of which marketing campaigns can drive the highest traffic, can make the best sales conversions and leads, the kind of content your visitors like the most on your website, how your visitors are using your site, etc.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is a useful SEO tool if you want to be provided with a large quantity of data for you to complete your PPC and SEO tasks and to effectively apply them to your business. It gives you useful information through their Domain Analytics, Backlinks, Traffic Analytics, Keyword Magic, and Display Advertising tools.

3. Google My Business

This free Google My Business tool is highly imperative for local business owners to use for creating their business profile and keep it updated. In addition to helping your business get a much higher ranking, it also offers easy access to your contact information, location through Google Maps, and testimonials from listing sites as well as from Google.

4. Google Search Console

Most of you may have previously encountered this free SEO tool by Google previously called Google Webmaster Tool. Once you’ve set up a Google account, this tool will start sending you error alerts whenever Google finds some inaccuracy on your site. It also regularly provides you statistic reports on the number of keyword clicks, keyword rankings, how many times your website appeared in search results, and click through rates whenever your site appeared in search results.

5. Screaming Frog

Based on the name itself, this SEO tool can give you immediate results. Their Spider tool which is free can immediately run a technical audit of your site. What you need to do after you have installed this SEO tool is typing your domain name and click on the box that says, “Crawl All Subdomains”.
You have to wait a couple of minutes, and you’ll soon be able to view an itemised audit of every webpage you have. You’ll be provided with errors in your status coded to Meta tags so you can quickly recognise the problem without having to go through each of your web pages and do manual auditing.

6. WhiteSpark

This is crucial if you’re aiming for higher ranking results in Google’s local “map”. You need this particular tool to find citations on your behalf. WhiteSpark will find citations that are significant or relevant to your business in particular. Also, they offer you an option to pay for their service in setting up citations for you which ultimately saves you a lot of time to deal with more important issues in your business.

7. Moz Local

In a nutshell, a citation is basically a simple mention or quick reference of your name, phone number, and address on another site. As small business owners, it’s important to know that citations are huge factors to rank higher in local “maps”. Some of the most popular citations are business directories such as Bing Local, Yelp, and also Facebook business pages.
Moz Local is one of the top tools you can use for immediate auditing of your citations. It can provide you with data to help you analyse consistencies or inconsistencies on your contact info in each directory, and if you have skipped on some directory listings. It will also help you find any duplicate citations which are a common cause why you’re being pulled down on your rankings.

8. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is one of the best providers for tracking or tracing keyword rankings. It can also help you track organic rankings in bigger search engines as well as local “map” ranking results. The data you’ll get will assist you in identifying your ranking’s changing trends so you can make some adjustments or modifications in your business strategies.

9. BrightLocal

This tool is more or less the same as WhiteSpark since it also focuses on citations structuring. Therefore, by using both these tools can eventually help you get the most coverage and exposure because you’ll be provided with more citation options.

10. SEO Quake

This is a multipurpose SEO toolbox that you can install as a browser plugin. SEO Quake serves as a tool for quick reference in assessing your website and those of your competitors. It can give a full SEO auditing operation or quick access to simple SEO metrics which immediately estimates a website’s off-page and on-page SEO quality.



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