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5 Warning Signs That Your Landing Page Copy is Terrible


Writing landing page copy is among the most challenging tasks a marketer can undertake. In just 100 to 200 words, you’re responsible for convincing your prospects that downloading your eBook, white paper or case study is worth their time. You need to create a “short pitch” that successfully sells your prospects on your brand.
While landing page copy isn’t the only aspect of your landing pages that can affect conversion rates, it’s a big one. As Unbounce writes, your job is to “communicate your value, get the visitor to keep reading, and get them to act.” Kissmetrics’ case studies indicate that improvements in landing page copy can increase conversions nearly 100 percent. Join us as we review five signs your landing page copy needs a refresh.

1. There’s No Clear Headline

Conversion blogger Michael Aagaard emphasizes the importance of landing page headlines, especially if you’re planning on performing A/B, or split testing, on your pages. Your prospects must be able to understand what you’re offering in seconds, which is why a clear headline is crucial. The best landing page headlines may:

  • Focus on benefits
  • Ask questions
  • Empathize with pain points

2. There’s No Data

Have 30,000 people downloaded your eBook? Does your checklist have the potential to save your leads $4,000 each year? If you don’t quantify the value of your offer or lend social proof, your claims may be harder to believe. Not every landing page can include data, but it’s beneficial if you can.

3. It’s Unclear

It’s hard to say much in fewer than 200 words. However, an unclear landing page won’t increase your conversion rates. Every landing page you write should:

  • Establish the value of your offer
  • Communicate why your offer matters
  • Invite your prospects to convert

4. No Value Proposition

Rich Page reports the average length of a landing page visit is less than 10 seconds. If you haven’t “sold” your product or service in just a few seconds, your visitors probably won’t stick around. Using clear language, marketers must “quickly and clearly convey the value” of their offer.

5. It’s Not Formatted

If your landing page copy looks like a wall of text, your potential leads may feel overwhelmed. Use formatting to make your copy digestible and easy to scan. Bullet points, numbered lists, headlines and sub-headlines are all practical tools for formatting copy.

If your landing pages aren’t converting prospects into leads, it’s almost certainly worth your time to consider whether your copy is the culprit. By writing clear value propositions, including proof and formatting your pages, you can increase your lead generation rates.

By Carl Allan  (CEO Kala Digital).

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